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How We Work

Helping You Integrate Your Technology Product into the Perioperative Environment

What’s it like to work with Twin Peaks Group?

Technology companies that work with Twin Peaks Group recognize that their sales proposition must be evidence-based and evidence-driven. They also understand and appreciate the value of referral-based selling.

When you work with Twin Peaks Group, you can expect us to help you gather and analyze data from multiple sources in order to:

  • Formulate a compelling value proposition and supportive case studies,
  • Identify pathways for helping your customer derive full value from their perioperative technology investment, and
  • Adapt your sales, implementation and training processes to yield excellent customer satisfaction levels.

Our philosophy is that in order for your technology implementation to be successful, you must fully integrate it into the provider’s objectives.

Twin Peaks Group typically works with your company’s CEO, Vice Presidents of Business Development, Sales, or Marketing, and select members of their staff. Together, we identify the unique value proposition that ties to your provider customer’s desired solution.

The hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers we work with succeed when we help you:

  • Ensure that all financial aspects of your value proposition are clear and compelling.
  • Clarify objectives for technology implementation so they are clearly understood and you’re prepared to help the customer achieve them.
  • Adapt your sales, training and implementation processes to reflect your customer’s buying, clinical and operational processes, and do so in a way that brings value to your customer – at every step.
  • Create stronger value propositions by better understanding how your customer values your solution and by citing evidence-based clinical and other data.

Structuring the Project for Success

In certain circumstances, it makes sense for us to work alongside your implementation team at a qualified pilot site. That allows us to work in a three-way partnership with you and the hospital or ambulatory surgical center to achieve their targeted implementation objectives.

We’ll be clear of what you can expect from us, which includes assistance in qualifying the “right” pilot site and in negotiating an appropriate agreement; ensuring that objectives are clear; establishing a detailed implementation plan; organizing and running the initiative and doing the lion’s share of the work in preparing updates, presentations and the final report.

We’ll also be clear on our expectations for you and your sales, marketing and business development team members. This includes introducing us to your customer; helping us gain critical insights about them and their environment; helping us assess the skill and will of key member’s of your client’s staff and success criteria for the project; providing feedback to us on “how we’re doing” throughout the project and most importantly – committing yourself to a successful outcome!

Learn more about the services we offer or, read some of our technology client case studies.

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