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For Technology Companies

Our Typical Technology Company Client: Committed to Perioperative Systems Success through Effective Technology Integration

Technology companies

Twin Peaks Group understands the importance of technology’s role in improving perioperative functions. Our typical technology clients have innovative product offerings, but are struggling to gain market acceptance or convey clear benefits associated with their solutions.

Do You Struggle With These or Related Problems?

  • Your salespeople are challenged with how to justify your product financially.
  • Your marketing or business development professionals don’t know how to tie your product to a hospital’s strategic objectives.
  • Your team struggles to integrate your product into the perioperative environment in a way that really delivers the anticipated benefits to your provider customer
  • You still lack a strong customer reference site to share with interested prospects

If one or more of these scenarios is true for you, then read on.

What Kind of Technology Companies are Most Likely to Succeed Using our “Process-Oriented” Approach?

  • Your product is designed to improve perioperative information management; decontamination or sterilization; instrument or patient tracking; logistics and materials management; patient transport, or facilitate OR integration.
  • You believe that your technology will succeed when your perioperative customer succeeds
  • You’re committed to quality and a competitive leadership position in perioperative technology solutions
  • You operate best with a collaborative, team-oriented leadership style
  • You prefer an open, transparent communication style
  • You’d rather know the truth and confront it head on, than avoid the issues

Real win-win scenarios in the perioperative environment happen when providers and technology companies work together to successfully implement and integrate technology. You have the product. Now you need to ensure that processes are fully adapted to support the customer’s needs and objectives. And, of course you want to have multiple referable customers to confirm the value.

Learn more about how we work with you to drive your value higher.

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