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Customized Services for Optimized Patient Outcomes and Results…

Twin Peaks Group helps you to identify and address the most important opportunities to improve the performance of your perioperative system. We then assist you to improve your clinical and operational processes, while strengthening your staff and program capabilities. Our joint efforts lead to better outcomes and improved financial results.

Service Offerings

We’ll help you enlist the support of your surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses, and other perioperative staff toward achieving your goals.

  • Define the improvement program
    • Identify the opportunities for improvement consistent with the objectives of the perioperative system
    • Prioritize the improvement tasks
  • Improve clinical processes
    • Establish project objectives and project teams
    • Capture, organize and implement the lessons learned
  • Improve operational processes
    • Identify key processes and establish ongoing process improvement initiatives
    • Leverage facility design and processes to increase throughput
    • Leverage information technology for improved process design
    • Reduce operating expenses by setting and managing appropriate inventory levels
  • Strengthen staff and program capabilities
    • Contribute to quality-associated personnel and teamwork training as part of our engagement
    • Optimize integration of innovative technology (IT, robotics, imaging, patient transport)

Our Menu for Developing Effective, Innovative and Sustainable Solutions

The quality and sustainability of your results will depend upon laying a solid foundation that includes a combination of the following:

  • Assessment of perioperative system status
  • Assessment of the business case potential
  • Presentation of actions required to achieve targeted benefits
  • A “roll up your sleeves” and team-inspired level of implementation support toward achieving targeted benefits
  • Creation of a balanced scorecard for targeting critical aspects of perioperative performance
  • Ongoing monitoring to ensure benefits are being achieved consistently

Regardless of the service offering you choose, Twin Peaks Group will bring passion and commitment to help you reach your goal.

You can expect professionals who are disciplined in the unique aspects of healthcare culture, yet unbiased by the way things may have traditionally been done.

Read more about our team or review some of our client case studies to see what results we produce.

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