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How We Work

Helping Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers Improve Performance of Perioperative Systems Following Systematic Methods

What’s it like to work with Twin Peaks Group?

Let us tell you about our approach to working with you, and how we’re different from other perioperative consultants.

Hospitals and Ambulatory Surgical Centers that work with Twin Peaks Group can expect to see desirable and sustainable improvements throughout your perioperative environment.

  • Causes of bottlenecks are identified, prioritized and eliminated, leading to increased throughput, greater surgeon, staff and patient satisfaction, and improved profitability.
  • OR scheduling is rationalized with appropriate evidence-based trade-offs made to reduce overtime and lessen the schedule burden on weekends, nights and holidays.
  • Revised clinical pathways and training are implemented to improve patient outcomes and increase profitability and competitive position.
  • Clear analysis of the costs and benefits of implementing facility design changes coupled with process improvement – versus building new facilities – lead to better informed decisions.
  • Integration and optimization of technology is achieved in a way that realizes the return on investment that was initially targeted.

Focusing with the end in mind: Creating a High-Performing Perioperative System

We believe a high-performing perioperative system serves your patients by consistently producing superior outcomes and serves your community and other stakeholders with consistently solid financial performance. To achieve these results, you will need to apply outstanding clinical and operational processes, and continuously develop the capabilities of your staff and infrastructure.

By using this balanced perspective, we can help to identify your improvement priorities and help you to use your scarce resources most effectively.

Structuring the Project for Success

We’ll be clear of what you can expect from us, which includes ensuring the project stays on track; stimulating creative thinking; performing the bulk of the analytic work; maintaining an unbiased perspective and performing the lion’s share of the work in preparing updates, presentations and the final report.

We’ll also be clear on our expectations for you and your perioperative team. This includes helping us gain critical insights into your environment; communicating the importance of the project to your organization; allocating appropriate resources; ensuring alignment of the organization and most importantly – demanding high performance from us all!

We Promote Outside the Box Thinking

You’ll find that as experienced and highly practical experts in quality process, we’re not wedded to any given approach such as “Lean”, “TQM”, “Six Sigma” or other quality approach “du jour”. Instead, we prefer to simply choose the right tool for the given job.

As your “third party” consultants, we like to stimulate your fresh and innovative ideas and approaches.

After all, how can one create a truly high performing perioperative system by simply “re-installing” old ideas and concepts?

Learn more about the services we offer or read some of our Provider client case studies.

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