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Twin Peaks Group was founded upon a vision of applying proven methods and tools from industry in the challenging healthcare environment to affect transformational change. Its principals have sophisticated analytic skills and proven expertise in the successful launch of innovative healthcare products and services.

Dan KrupkaDan Krupka, Managing Principal: Dan is a leading expert on patient flow through the perioperative system and its impact on a hospital’s financial results. He has published articles in peer-reviewed medical journals on operating room performance and economics, on the financial consequences of improved surgical quality and on the policy implications of improved surgical outcomes.  He has also conducted seminars on building a portfolio of projects for the perioperative system and on maximizing the benefits from technology investments in the perioperative system.

His professional career began as a physicist at Bell Labs, where he initially worked in condensed matter physics. He later established and led an internal consultancy that worked with nearly every AT&T manufacturing facility around the world, introducing innovative concepts that resulted in very substantial benefits. He also contributed to a National Academy of Engineering Report on the Foundations of Manufacturing Systems.

In 1995, he joined Integral, Inc., a management consulting firm founded by two senior professors at the Harvard Business School. There he led engagements primarily for Fortune 100 companies. He subsequently worked for two years at McKinsey & Company, specializing in product development. At McKinsey, his engagements included consumer electronics, healthcare software, and consumer packaged goods. Dan holds a B. Eng. in Engineering Physics from McGill University and a Ph.D. in Condensed Matter Physics from Cornell University.



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